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AMC V8 hp/Torque, Compression & Bore/Stroke by year

AMC V8 Engines
GEN-1 Nash/Hudson/Rambler V-8s (1956-1966) through to the GEN-3 AMC Tall-deck (1970-1991)

AMC V8 hp/Torque, Compression & Bore/Stroke by year

Automotive Gauges & Instrument Functions
Information they display & their importance.

Bolt Identification, Bolthead Markings and Bolt Torque Specs

Engine Overheating Basics - 16 Common Causes of an Overheated Engine

Fan Clutch Diagnosis
How to tell if the Fan Clutch in your Cooling System is failing or has failed.

Jeep Transmissions
The Jeep transmission pages cover stock Jeep transmissions and transmission swaps in Jeep vehicles.

Jeep Transfercases
The Jeep transfer case pages cover stock transfer cases used in Jeeps from 1941 until the present and they cover transfer case upgrades.

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Jeep Factory Axle I.D. Chart

TJ Diagnostics Codes

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Jeep Concept Vehicles Over the Years

The Jeep Time Line

Jeep History

The origin of the term jeep

The origins of the vehicle: the first jeep

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Jeep Engines
Jeep Transmissions
Jeep Transfercases
Jeep Axles

Jeep Transfer Cases
Specs & Mods

Jeep Transmission Guide

Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing

Jeff Daniel’s Jeep Customizing is more than just your average shop.  When you take a look at the services they offer, it's easy to see that they are capable of offering levels of customization and restoration that other shops only wish they could do.  Restoration services range from complete frame-up restorations and aftermarket tub options all the way down to offering Jeep owners just a patch-up job to get by temporarily.   But when you want to talk about taking customization to another level, you can start talking about Diesel Engine conversions here at this shop.  Imagine your Jeep idling across the rocks powered by a Cummins Diesel Engine.  This shop can do it.  We were very impressed by a few examples of their work on display and marvel over the possibilities of gobs of low end torque.  How about a TJ with a Jake Brake!


Jeff Daniel's Diesel Conversions

Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing
495 Indian Creek Road
Harleysville, PA. 19438


Around the shop...

The following is a short list of some of the services Jeff Daniel's Jeep Customizing does for it's customers.  Tune-ups, Inspections (Pennsylvania), Transmission and clutch repair, Engine diagnostics and repair, Engine replacements, Customized and general exhaust, Body and frame work, Differential rebuilds and service, Suspensions, Brake service, Fluid changes, Welding services, and  Fabrications.  Keep in mind they do a lot more.  If you need something, give them a call.

Tel: 215-256-8090 or contact Jeff here:







Project CJ-7

The documentation of a several year project building a Jeep CJ-7 piece by piece.  From restoration of stock parts like the frame, body, engine and driveline components to upgraded aftermarket improvements over stock to custom fabrication and design ideas.  Read More

Video by

Video by

Video by Jeff Daniels Staff

Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show 2008 - Jeff Daniel's Jeep in Harleysville, PA held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 20th 2008. Awesome Show this year with more Jeeps than ever! more on the show Here

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