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Exploring Leatherwood 
John's Challenge - Part 2

John was lucky enough to be the recipient of a tire test and a free set of Green Diamond Tire Icelander MT Mud Terrain tires.  However that meant that he was to be subjected to some harsh testing and thrown into a few wicked mud holes over the weekend up here in Leatherwood.  But John's not one to shy away from a challenger or two (pounder) and he was very willing to get muddy.  We know this mud hole to make or break a vehicle or two and this particular day, the mud in this hole was more like the constancy of thick cement.




John's first attack on the mud hole or trench was to slowly step down into the mud which was a mistake.  We quickly pulled him out to take another shot at it.  What he really needed was a little momentum to get moving through the mud and he got that on his second attempt.  What we discovered about these Green Diamond Icelander MT tires is that they could really throw the mud around, meaning they were clearing the mud out of the tread pretty easily and John was able to move through the thick mud pretty good.  What was hanging him up was the lack of a rear locker.  The exit wall was about a 3 to 4 foot climb up and out of the trench and he kept lifting the right rear as he was trying to escape this trench of thick mud.

The next two pages and the video clips show the fun he was having trying to get out of there.  We also summarized our opinion of the tires here: Review Icelander MT Tire.



Green Diamond Icelander MT tires





Paul, A.K.A. Frogman.









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