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Exploring Leatherwood 
We arrived at our destination and hung out for a short time while guys were gearing up to hit the trails.  Work was being completed on the cabin we were staying at with a new roof being put down.  The day was getting warm and it was time for the roofer to call it a day.  Meanwhile we were passing the time airing down un packing and firing off a potato gun fueled by hair spray.

As we hung out waiting for a few guys to arrive, John got out his homemade Potato Gun made from PVC pipe, a gas grill igniter and fueled by hair spray.  Too bad we only had 5 pounds of tators.  That was a lot of fun.  It was amazing how far those potatoes would go.

On this excursion, we were wheeling with 2 FJ Cruisers, a CJ-7, a Toyota Pickup, a Toyota 4 Runner, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Toyota Tacoma, a Jeep TJ Rubicon and a couple of Quads.  We had plans to explore the trails on the Leatherwood map as well as visit a local mud hole to test out some recently acquired Mud Tires called Green Diamond Icelander MT tires to do an honest review for the website.  For more on these fairly unknown tires read this Icelander MT or visit them at the 2007 SEMA Show.
Jim's Tree

There apparently is a story behind this here tree.  A long time ago someone, presumably Jim, put a sign up on this tree that said "Jim's Tree".  We all used to joke around and say well, when you get to Jim's Tree you .... and so went the directions.  Then one day someone shot down the Jim's Tree sign and we missed that old sign.  So this past summer, in preparation for this trip, a new sign was made from an old oak plank, sealed up for years of weather to come and hammered back up on this here tree once again, right where the old sign used to hang.  So it's Jim's Tree once again.  Here's to you Jim, who ever you are.


Jim's Tree

Jim's Tree





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