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Exploring Leatherwood 
Not quite sure how far we could go down this trail, we passed Mudspring Shallow then found ourselves at a clearing where we stopped to get GPS coordinates and review the map.  Beyond the clearing the trail began to close in and undergrowth in the form of blueberry bushes and rhododendrons swallowed up the trail.  Before loosing the trail to the forest we did find a nice boulder patch to rock crawl through.

Backtracking we then headed down into the valley.  Along the way we passed Michael's Rut and stopped at Buck Pointe.  Michael's Rut  is marked along a trail that takes you down into the valley that sees a lot of rainwater runoff that makes this trail difficult at times with considerable erosion.  The name of the spot Michaels Rut probably came from some incident that involved one of these washed out trails and presumably someone name Michael.  Buck Pointe has a real nice view of the valley so we're guessing it was probably a well known hunting spot where hunters would perch themselves above the ridgeline and get a good look at the valley and the game below.







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