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4 Wheeling offroad at the peak of the fall season
Just one Beautiful Fall View after another.

We stopped here to admire the view across the valley.  While the pictures may show to some degree how beautiful a day it was, they really don't do it justice.



The Jeep Rubicon.  Out of the Box, it's got to be the best 4x4 out there for the price.  Eric's completely stock Jeep Rubicon by all accounts was stuck.  With both lockers engaged, it was only moving inches at a time, forward and reverse.  But he was still moving.  Stuck in ruts, and not really getting it to turn out of the direction it wanted to go, he worked it back and forth, trying different angles, different tire sawing actions in the mud... grinding the gears as he's rock the Jeep.  Finally... the front tires broke over the rut and he had it across the ruts that had him held captive.  With one last gasp of mud spitting wheel spin, the Goodyear MT/R Mud Terrains propelled him up and out of the mud hole.  Nice Job Eric, very nice.  Now who's that walking over this way?






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