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4 Wheeling offroad at the peak of the fall season
"Uh, we need a little help up here". came a crackle over the CB. Then someone said over the air ... "That Looks Scary..."  We weren't sure what we were going to see once we caught up.  Turns out one of the guys mis-judged the trail slightly and backed it down over the side. Luckily a big boulder stopped him in his slide.  Within a few minutes we had it winched up as a couple guys secured the Jeep by the rollbar just in case the Jeep decided to go over any further as it was being winched.


The angle probably felt a little steeper than it was to the guys in the Jeep as Paul crawled over Lewis to get out on the up hill side.   However anytime you're on a hill like this and you look over to the right as you're driving up and think, boy, I'd hate to drive over that edge, then you do, well, that'll put a few more gray hairs on your head.



Snatch Block rope configuration using a tree to secure the Jeep.

Note to self.... D is drive, N is neutral and R is reverse.  The P at the top, well that's park.
A couple of zig zags up the mountain, then a hard right up a long, steep trail.  No stopping on this trail.  Don't look over to your right either.  Keep it pointed up the hill and give it gas.






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