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4 Wheeling offroad at the peak of the fall season

Northern Exposure

Aw, come'on.  What's that?  Put that 360 to work and get that thing muddy...  tip toeing around the mud like that, what a wus.  You'd think he had to clean it or something when he got home.


Lewis wasn't about to give up without getting stuck.  Inspired by Carl's line, he thought he could show us what he'll need to upgrade in the Jeep for the next trip.


Ok, lets see...  I could use a front Detroit EZ Locker, a Holley Truck Avenger Carburetor that won't sputter on 2 degrees of angle, a new fuel pump, and maybe some lifted shackle to get rid of that annoying fender rub.  I'll show you guys in the spring!

Come on..... Fire!  Damn carb.






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