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4 Wheeling offroad at the peak of the fall season

Northern Exposure

Morning light brought sunny skies once the fog burned off.  We rolled into town for some good eats.  A couple of us were fascinated by this old steel railroad bridge.  On the way back, we had to stop and have a look at it.  We were surprised to see a few deer walk across the 200 foot wide river that only seemed to be no more than a foot deep.  It looked much deeper than that from the road. 



...but the chickens were stacked to 13 nine.
Morning light coming in the window.
Mmmmm fresh percolated coffee.  Filled up the classic field green Stanley thermos for a day on the trails.
That mud is as hard as cement by now
We had several favorite spots to go have fun.  Some of us enjoy those small areas where you can just climb over all kinds of obstacles like dirt mounts and up short steep hill climbs.  Carl was really enjoying himself after a long hiatus from the wheeling scene.
More trails, more great views.  We had a destination mapped out, which was going to take us up some steep climbs.   But first a pause at the Tree stand for some...






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