Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

Day   Three
As usual our last day is typically no the day we play hard.   The day's 4wheeling  is usually shortened because we all have a long drive ahead of us and nobody wants to get stuck or break something.  We save that for the first day. These shots were sort of an experiment.  I strapped a camcorder in the cab's rear seat in the extended cab of my truck on a tripod and hit record.  What follows are video captures of the 10 -15 minutes of video.  After watching the video I began thinking of lots of ways to get some great footage next time.


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AVI Files

Cougar Run (192K)
Cougar Run 2 (159k)
Wooded Trail (246K)
Wooded Trail 2 (160K)
Wooded Trail 3 (186K)
Return Trip (142K)


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