Foe by Foe Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

Day   OneOur first day out was a Friday.  Three of us took a day off and headed up a day ahead of everyone else this time.  It just seemed like a good idea with the weather very good and it would give us more time to have fun.  The three of us had planned to explore a little and find a way into an area that we could see on the satellite map but had never ventured into.  After settling in and unpacking our gear and unloading some things off the trailer like a large wood burning stove, couch and some carpet we then saddled up for a little exploring.

Our first attempt at getting to this area located on the other side of the creek turned out to be a bit more difficult that we initially thought.   At one time a logging trail cut across the low-lands around the stream and connected up to a trail just on the other side of the creek.  We parked and walked through the area where the creek would over-flow during flooding and after about a half hour of scouting and walking through the stream (nobody brought extra boots) we decided it was too much work.  Too many downed trees and the stream bank was too high where it used to cross.  We knew another way.



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Back tracking we took a familiar route across the stream and found what we were looking for.  New Trails.



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