Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

Day   Two
It seems everytime we are at the bridge someone catches a crayfish and then everyone goes on the hunt.  This time was no exception.  For Pennsylvania, these seemed to be pretty big crayfish.


crayfish1.jpg (27798 bytes)
crayfish3.jpg (26231 bytes)
dinner.jpg (14581 bytes)

  Crustacean on a platter.


cray-hunt1.jpg (17811 bytes)
cray-hunt2.jpg (21807 bytes)

  Eric trying to capture the grandaddy.


cray-hunt3.jpg (24976 bytes)

Then everyone tryed for the big catches.


ring1.jpg (26490 bytes)

Lining up the contenders.


ring2.jpg (29712 bytes)

Is this legal?


legal.jpg (21772 bytes)

After the bout you just couldn't drag
these creature off each other.

chat1.jpg (26263 bytes)


Imagine music...