Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

lee-tire.jpg (21139 bytes)Day   Two
Here we made our way along a creek.  We crossed the creek once again and stopped it this un-occupied cabin to make a few repairs both of which were tire related.  Lee had some wood jammed into his bead and Steve's Jeep had a leaking valve stem.  Lee fixed his problem with the help of a Hi-Lift jack and Gary's on-board air compressor and Steve's leaking valve stem was fixed with a little electrical tape.


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  Looking back from crayfish bridge.


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  Pretty nice cabin out in the middle of nowhere.



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With the tire aired down Lee scraped the wood out of the bead.


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Extracting the wood from the bead.


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Working on the tires.


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Electrical tape has many uses.

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And this is the only shot I got off of Lee crossing the bridge that nobody wanted to cross.


Stephen did get a few pics of him.   I guess this sort of end the debate of whether the bridge can hold a vehicle or not.


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