Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

Day   Two
Here are more from the gravel mounds.  Many of these pics are capture from a VHS-C camcorder.  I've found that a camcorder and a simple video capture card work just as well as a moderately priced digital camera with some advantages over a digital camera.  For one the digital camera relies on the photagrapher to be quick and ready to snap the good shot.  With a camcorder, you just recorder and point.  If it happens and your pointing at it, you got it.  Then with a simple image editing program, I grab the good angles and that's it.  It's nice because you can replay that moment over and over until you grab it just right, like the sun off of Lee's windshield below.


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AVI Files

Gary's Cherokee (255K)
Toyota Pickup (327K)

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