Fourwheeling offroad in Clearfield County, Spring of 1999

lee-climbed-it.jpg (28406 bytes)Day   Two
There are hills to climb and then there are hills.  Up to this point I knew nobody who was crazy enough to climb the hill we considered a border-line cliff. When we stopped at the top to look down we had no idea that when we were to get to the bottom via a detour around the mountain that Lee was going to rip up the hill on an all or nothing climb.   Therefore we have very few pictures to show this crazy stunt in action.  Had I known, Lee, that you were going to do this I would have postioned myself halfway up the hill with video camera in hand and film snapping.  But that aside Stephen did get two snapped off of Lee assending this monster of a hill.  Some of us were witness to what could of been Lee's last climb when, from the bottom of the hill, we saw him hit a crop of rock that launch his front end vertical to where we could see his hood of the Cherokee from the bottom of the hill.  By shear luck and momentum he came down and not over.  We were, however ready to dive into the woods to avoid what could have been a mass of metal rolling down at us.  My hat goes of to you Lee for your shear guts.


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  The monster hill from 1/4 mile.


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lee-1.jpg (30689 bytes)

  Lee on his way up.


down-side.jpg (32525 bytes)
lee-climb2.jpg (48929 bytes)

Gary and I watching Lee climb. We were ready to move quickly had he lost it.


   eric-down2.jpg (17454 bytes)
Eric going down the lower end of the hill.

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 down-side2.jpg (26423 bytes)

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Lee then drove around the hill, down the detour we all took.  Frankly we were amazed he made it.

river-xing.jpg (25782 bytes)

From there we headed up stream and across to the trail on the other side.  Along that trail we came upon a mud pit.


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