May 1998 Additional Images from the Clearfield trip.


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One of the nice things about a GPS is that you can map out the land you are taveling on and choose a destination based on a topography map.  In this case we were trying to decide where to go next and how we might get there.

In one case, Ron's first trip to the cabin was based solely on a single GPS coordiate of a location near the cabin and a time-of-arrival. Using his onboard computer and some GPS software (which spoke in his head set) he relied on his technology to get him there.

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It was a beautiful day in the valley.

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Just ride on the edges.

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Say cheese.

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Scences from the Trench.

Target Shooting
Detour the Bridge
Crossing the River
The Scenic Trail
The Final Obstacle
More Pics
Even More Pics
Still Even More Pics


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