May 1998 The Scenic Route.


pipeline.jpg (17778 bytes)

This was a view we've seen before, except from the other side of the valley.  That trail on the other side is far too steep and rocky to climb or decend except on foot.  Unless your crazy.

A couple of guy climbed up the hill to get a better shot at the view. Again these pics are coming soon. They should be good ones.

pipeline_above.jpg (15658 bytes)

valley-view1.jpg (31968 bytes) This is just a spectacular view.
It was the perfect day.
Here a view into the forest from the hillside. hill-side1.jpg (35584 bytes)

group_1.jpg (11534 bytes)

Just enjoying the view.

This rock was huge. It was about 70 feet long, about 10 feet wide and 15 feet tall.  What was so amazing about this rock was the way it was perched on another rock on the side of such a steep valley.  You have to wonder how this rock got here and why it had not plunged to the bottom of the valley. large_rock.jpg (14052 bytes)
On the final leg of this mid-afternoon journey through the deep woods we came upon one more obstacle, a man made obstacle...

Soon more pics will be up.   Bruce had given me a look at his pictures and I must say they are good.  As soon as I have a set to work with I'll get them up.


Target Shooting
Detour the Bridge
Crossing the River
The Scenic Trail
The Final Obstacle
More Pics
Even More Pics
Still Even More Pics


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