May 1998 Additional Images from the Clearfield trip.


jeep-streamcross.jpg (51958 bytes)

Nice Picture of Steve's Jeep Crossing
one of the many small streams.

stream-splash1.jpg (38847 bytes)


The Land Cuiser Crossing the same stream.

guide1.jpg (33614 bytes)


Steve giving directs during
the detour of the bridge.

muddin45.jpg (14995 bytes)


This is just a random pic from earlier in the day at the mud pit.

crayfish.jpg (17376 bytes)


I think in this picture Joe was looking for some crayfish.  He said something about being a little hungry.


Target Shooting
Detour the Bridge
Crossing the River
The Scenic Trail
The Final Obstacle
More Pics
Even More Pics
Still Even More Pics


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