May 1998 Bridge out, Act two.

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Again, here we are at the bridge.  Same one as in January of 1998.  And again the debate is on.  Those who are not driving their vehicle think we can simple truck on across.  Those who hauled their vehicle deep into the woods were very hesitant to attempt this old loggers bridge with half the planks missing and what's let of them not bolted down.  When you get a group of engineers and technical thinkers together there's always a way across.  But after some persuasion (or a maybe it was the affirmative "I'm not driving my truck across that bridge.") an alternate route around the bridge was scouted out.

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"Look, if you just drive across quickly your tires won't have time to push the planks apart."

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"I think you can make it. These logs look health enough."

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This was the only real obstacle in our path around the bridge.  A cut down, dried up 15" diameter tree.  Just needed to hook up the tow strap and drag it back.
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Doug emerging back onto the trail.
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Just a quick dip in the stream as we rounded the bend in the detour.
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Then a tight squeeze between a couple of trees.
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With the help of Stephen Joe was able to maneuver his extended length Ford around some obstacles.

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This shot caught my eye.  Notice how the bed is twisting as the truck sits half on a bank and half in a ditch. 

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I suffered some minor damage.  I expected this to happen eventually.  These backup lights hung down too low.

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In the middle of nowhere was this well maintained cabin.  We respectfully left it undisturbed.

Then we encountered the next obstacle...

"There used to be a bridge here...?"


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