May 1998 The Final Obstacle.



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Unfortunately, trails that you are on sometimes go places you otherwise would not go.  Our choices were one, turn around and go back miles through the woods to where we came from. Two, find a way around the gate (there was no way around the gate). Three, somehow get through the gate. 

Note: We do not advocate traveling on restricted access roads. Nor do we seek them out to explore.  Initially the trail was a logging trail that happened lead us into this trail which was an entrance off of a main road into the logging area. We have permission to be on the logging land.  This gate was put up to keep those who did not have permission to be on the land off of the land.   We just happen to be on the wrong side of the gate and need to get out to the main road (within 300 feet of us). We wanted out not in.  Please do not use this as an example to follow and go ripping down a gate somewhere.  WE DID NOT DAMAGE THE GATE! NOR DID WE LEAVE THE GATE OPEN IN ANY WAY!   AGAIN: WE WERE LEAVING LAND THAT WE HAD PERMISSION TO BE ON.

We decide to unbolt the hinge.  Note we did no harm to the gate.  After unbolting it, we bolted it back on just the way it was in the locked position.

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Time to move them out.

Just putting the gate back together as it was. exit_5.jpg (14517 bytes)


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The Final Obstacle
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