May 1998 There used to be a bridge here...years ago.



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It seemed to be getting deeper the further I went so I backed up a bit and looked around. Everyone said I just backed up into the deepest part.

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So I just continued across.

cruise_across1.jpg (10849 bytes)
Next up, the Land Cruiser.

cruise_across2.jpg (10391 bytes)
Easy going, this is a no wake zone.

swimming.jpg (10250 bytes)
Doug found that hole.  Luck was with him this time, he didn't suck down any water.  He did create breakers as he came ashore. More Doug!

f-150_1.jpg (10710 bytes)
Joe's F-150 went across next.
More Joe!

f-150_2.jpg (12174 bytes)
And Joe emerging out.

all_across.jpg (12975 bytes)
All made it across without any problems.

Before Continuing to the next section you have to check
out these pics from the river crossing!

There are many more photos coming and as I suspect these will some of the better pics.   We're still waiting for them to be developed.

Next on this little trip came a very scenic trail across the ridge line.  ===>>


Target Shooting
Detour the Bridge
Crossing the River
The Scenic Trail
The Final Obstacle
More Pics
Even More Pics
Still Even More Pics


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