First Weekend of Fall


As summer rolled onto autumn and the trees began to turn we were exploring our way through some beautiful country again.  Luck was on our side with some great weather with highs in the mid 70's during the day and at night the skies were very clear for some night-time sky watching.  As usual we found some new trails while exploring some of the new area's we had not ventured into yet.  Cabin in Late September 1998The BOSS!!
On this trip to the cabin we met up with some new friends, Ron, David and Kevin.  Ron in his 1998 Chevrolet ZR2 Extended Cab equipped with an offroad package and GPS equipment which included an onboard laptop computer running GPS software and David and Kevin in David's mid-size Ford Ranger which had the appearance of the rugged outdoors itself.  Also new on this trip was Stephen and Doug's Quad's which played the roll much of the weekend as scouts on the new trails giving the word back to the truck of whether or not the trail was worth proceeding.


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Many of these pictures are from Ron's 2 digital cameras.  That's Ron on the left.  It alway good to see someone having a good time.  Ron was a first timer on these trails as many are who venture up here with us into Pennsylvania's wooded high country.  Many don't come back for whatever reason while some feel that there is something about being here.  For some it's the trail rides. Others are really into their machines and performance.  For me I think it's a combination of all of it plus the evenings conversations with a few beers around a camp fire or just searching for the glimpse of a satillite so small in the night sky that you can hardly see it... but you can SEE it!  It keeps me coming back.

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Bringing along a chain saw is a good idea especially when your going down trails that are difficult to make a u-turn on if your path is blocked by a falled tree
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Clearing the path.
Here's a shot of Ron's onboard computer, AKA "COMPEWTER", which is attached to a dashboard GPS system and navigation software.  Visit his page to see more about his truck's specs and setup.
Follow this link to Ron's Truck  ==>

Also check out his trail summary ==>

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