First Weekend of Fall
Overlooking the Valley


This spot allowed for some great photo opportunities.  We were over looking a large, steep valley with a creek at the bottom.  We took more from this lookout point and there coming soon.

ridge333.jpg (19334 bytes)
ron01.jpg (18990 bytes)

That's Ron and his Like a Rock Chevy ZR2 S-10 4x4.  That's one massive grill guard.  Looking it over everything on that truck was heavy duty with plenty of underside skip plates to protect the vital organs.

Ron's Truck, with a rear locker, was like a mountain goat when it came to climbing.  It didn't spin a single tire as it assended this rocky climb.

ron-climb2.jpg (23158 bytes)
r-stop.jpg (11399 bytes) Here's another valley shot.  By the way... that's me in case your wondering.

This shot I climbed up onto the embankment to try for a panaramic view.  I think maybe I'll invest in a wide angle lense or at least take the tripod to take multiple pictures and re-assemble them into one large shot.   There was just so much to fit into the camera eye that this pic just doesn't show what wish it could.  Believe me though it was a beautiful view.

Big Sky, Big Valley

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Valley View

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