Crossing the RR Tracks


After we crossed the creek and followed the tracks for a while, diverted into the woods then back down towards the tracks again we emerged at place where we crossed before only coming from the opposite direction.  Here we decided to just take a break and take a few pictures before crossing over the tracks. 

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tracks1.jpg (13789 bytes)

This was one of those place where it is just fun to hang out at for a little while. 

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Judging by the size of the weeds the tracks didn't seem to be used very often if at all anymore.  That's David under his truck back there wondering if he was going to have to do some wrenching later to get his truck out of 4 low.  Seems the water was causing the tranny not to shift out of 4 low because of a short due to the water.  Luckily though it dried enough to work again.

Rail Road tracks can be deceiving.   While they are only about 8 to 10 inches tall, they are usually atop of a mound of stone making your underside drop several inches as you cross over them.  We we're crossing at a place where we had crossed before.  Here we had used pieces of RR ties to heighten our clearance. Ususally the main concern is the transfer case which usually hangs lower than anything else.  Generally speaking the only damage that has ever occured was when someone decided to just drive over without a spotter or anything to raise the vehicle.  When you're out here the last thing you want to do is break something.

Dave Crossing the tracks...
tracks-cross23.jpg (22645 bytes) tracks-cross24.jpg (25081 bytes)

Check back again soon. More photos are on the way.....

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