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Mountain Rush ... In Search of Cache
Back to that Geocaching thing.  So what is Geocaching?  If you haven't heard of geocaching, it a sport centered around use of handheld GPS navigation devices.    With geocaching the basic idea is to locate a cache by it's coordinates.  The caches are containers that vary in size and contents.  They may be as small as a film canister with a log in it, or as large as ammo boxes and even up to 5 gallon bucket size.  Caches can contain objects and the "geocachers" exchange items left in the cache with items of their own.  Finding a cache can be easy.  Sometimes it's a challenge.  Sometimes just getting to the location of a cache is the reward itself.  This was one such cache.  We knew the general location of the cache and we knew it's GPS coordinates.  We didn't choose the easiest way to it.  Our last 1000 feet included about a 600 foot increase in elevation  But once we reach the summit, the view was spectacular.  A view like no other that we had ever seen from the heights above these valleys.  The cache was an ammo box with a lot of items left behind by many previous visitors.  We took nothing and left stuff behind.

Was the hike worth it?  It certainly was.  The game is addicting.  It's even more addicting to create your own and see the logs visitor and read their thoughts.  If you want to know more about Geocaching, visit geocaching.com.  Create a profile and get a GPS.  It's great exercise for the whole family and it gets you out of the house for a while.

Click to enlarge - View from atop the mountain



Into the evening ...

Later that night as we hung around back at the cabin, John and Bob kept us entertained for a while with some tunes as a poker game played out in the kitchen.  A campfire blazed and porcupines made a racket up in a tree a few hundred feet away.  After going out into the brush with a spotlight looking for the critters making all that noise, I dropped my cell phone but luckily a few calls to it from Stephen's phone lit up the brush with a nice glow of blue and I found it.  We hung out for a while, talked about the weekend and what can and could have happened when you try to get the vehicle out of 4 wheel drive (oops).  With geocaches stashed, we uplinked the broadband and broadcasted access to a few laptops, logging our coordinates as pictures were exchanged.  Another winter weekend in the bag.  A good one.  Good fun, good friends, good beer and a new sport that enhances our 4 wheeling fun.  See you guys in the spring for another round.


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