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Mountain Rush ... In Search of Cache
Our Friday started off as any other trip into these woods with the long hike up the turnpike and across Interstate 80.  Non-eventful for the most part.  Upon arriving we did a little target shooting and unloaded gear as the woodstove was fired up in the cabin.  A little chilly and overcast but not as cold as some winters in the past.

Target Shooting

A few guys broke out some interesting guns including this cannon of a handgun, a Smith and Wesson Model 500 Revolver.  To the right is a comparison shot of a 22 and the shell of one of the .500 S&W Magnum cartridges.

The Model 500 from Smith & Wesson is the biggest, heaviest, most powerful factory-production double-action revolver in the world. It's built on an entirely new and massive S&W frame size. It fires the new .500 S&W Magnum cartridge, which is the most powerful factory load ever developed specifically for handgun use.
Cabin improvements

Since our last visit, our good buddy Dick finished up the new roof and had the ceiling insulated and most of the ceiling panels installed.  The improvement of heat retention in the cabin was signification. 

After hanging out for a short time Friday afternoon we scouted out a location for a new geocache.  Soon after it was time to hit our favorite steak house.  The rest of the evening was spent at the cabin as the rest of the gang rolled in.

The next day we had a few things on the agenda.  Breakfast, then a stop at a local gun shop or two.   By around mid morning we were on the trails.  We hit "The Pit" first for a little fun, then we were off into the valley.

While we crawled around the hills of the pit, Lewis was having fun with camera angles.





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