offroad1.gif (11097 bytes)Another Offroad Adventure

More pictures of the Gang and their Quads.  It seems we snapped a lot of pictures of the gang.  We also told them they'll be able to check themselves out on the web.  I'm sure they're getting a good laugh from all their muddy pictures.

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These kids were lucky they bumped into us.  It seems their motorcycle had some kind of throttle issue and the throttle because stuck wide open.  Nobody was hurt but the motorcycle couldn't be driven home.  As luck would have it, Stephen had his old Toyota pickup along today.  He graciously offered to give the motorcycle owner and his cycle a ride home, which turned out to be a good number of miles down the road once you're out of the woods.  We knew a short way out over a mile of so on moderate trails so we loaded the cycle up and Stephen hauled it home.  


Paul re-mounting the chain.

Go Smarty, Go!

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Smile Paul

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Popped Chain.

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We fixed it.

Once again, we come to the rescue.  One of the quads popped a chain and jammed it hard into the sprocket.  No big deal except the kids have no tools.  Of course we do.  After a few good tries with the pry bar, the chain is free and re-attached.  Under way again.

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After returning to the cabin, we hung around to cheer on Smarty Jones, whose quest for the Triple Crown unfortunately came up short in the Belmont Stakes.  Oh well, dinner time anyway.  No horse for me please.  But I will have the Delmonico, medium rare.

It's just another typical weekend up at the cabin.  We been doing it for years and will probably keep doing it for years to come. We always have fun.

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