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There's nothing like watching a group of kids playing in the mud to lighten the mood a little.  These kids were out scouting new trails they had never been on before when we bumped into them at the mud hole.  Watching them try to get their quads and motorcycle through the mud was hilarious! I guess when you're on quads, you just have to expect to get covered in mud.  These kids were alright.  We stopped and talk a bit and told them where a landmark was they were hunting for which was a hill on the pipeline.  We were planning to head to the top of that hill after playing in the mud and offered to lead them up there so they didn't get (more) lost.

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Safety first...
what's this, my seatbelt??

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Where'd that hole 
come from?

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Meet the Gang: Paul, Scott, Josh, Nathan and Kristy.
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Hip waders, now why didn't we think of that??

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