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Trip date - June 4-6, 2004

Yep, another trip for the 4x4 vehicles up to the mountains of central PA.  This trip had a few interesting twists and mishaps leading us to repeat the phrase, "Hey, We're still having fun anyway...".  One such twist happened even before we embarked on the 250 mile drive to our 4 wheeling destination.  We met a small group of young friends on quads and a motorcycle Saturday evening which was interesting to say the least. Interesting not just to watch these kids play in the mud but interesting as well to help them get home after the motorcycle broke down with no tools to fix it.  But more on that later.  Jeff got a chance to experience the bitter taste of body damage to his practically new Tacoma.  Paul learned the meaning of the term castor and why cotter pins are an important part of your steering linkage.  But after it was time to call it a weekend, we still looked back and thought, we had fun anyway.  Isn't that what it's all about?

The three pictures below were the last time we saw the sun.  These pictures were taken about 20 minutes after we arrived on Friday.  Shortly after pulling in around 5pm we hit the trails for some evening fun before dinner.
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Dcp_3260.jpg (38538 bytes) Dcp_3259.jpg (41764 bytes)
Below you'll see Jeff in his Tacoma taking a steep, narrow quad trail down into a pit.  Probably a bit too narrow and steep for the longer wheel based Tacoma.
100_1527.jpg (44546 bytes) Dcp_3262.jpg (30037 bytes) Dcp_3263.jpg (31731 bytes) Dcp_3264.jpg (32007 bytes) Dcp_3265.jpg (32448 bytes)
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Jeff soon learned the meaning of certain 4x4 terms like "carnage" and "ground clearance" and the need for products like rocker panel guards... sorry Jeff ;-)

Once hidden in the dirt but now exposed, here's the rock that did the deed.  Jeff thought he heard something scrapping the truck.  Little did he know at the moment that it was his door and cab that were taking the hit.

Oh damn.

Dcp_6959.jpg (31692 bytes) Dcp_6960.jpg (35356 bytes) Dcp_6957.jpg (25629 bytes) Dcp_6961.jpg (60909 bytes) Dcp_6950.jpg (39488 bytes)
Dcp_6951.jpg (31043 bytes) Dcp_3266.jpg (23249 bytes) Dcp_6949.jpg (31418 bytes) Dcp_6952.jpg (28985 bytes)
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Dcp_6962.jpg (28898 bytes)

Well, we thought that was enough excitement for the evening.  Little did we know things would get interesting for Paul and his 65 CJ5.




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