offroad1.gif (11097 bytes)Another Offroad Adventure

For the first run out Saturday we took an old, scenic trail that borders a small stream.  There's some older tall trees back this way making it a good trail to take on a hot sunny day.  Too bad today is a rainy and cool.  On these trails it's always a good idea to have a chainsaw to clear the trail clear of the occasional fallen tree.  We had a few of those to take care of this morning.  There's a few old hunting cabins back here.  The trail is not a very challenging trail but more of a leisurely, scenic drive in low gear.  Dcp_3270.jpg (66649 bytes) Dcp_3271.jpg (68759 bytes)
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The Rhododendrons are in full bloom on this Pennsylvania mountain. Dcp_6981.jpg (61316 bytes) Dcp_6987.jpg (52663 bytes) Dcp_6985.jpg (52064 bytes)




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