offroad1.gif (11097 bytes)Another Offroad Adventure

The theme for this trip must be steering issues. On an off camber maneuver, my CJ's Flaming River steering shaft popped off the gear box.  That's never happened before.  Luckily it just popped off and nothing snapped off.  a 5 minute bolt-back-on got us underway again. Dcp_3283.jpg (61714 bytes)
Dcp_3285.jpg (49265 bytes) Dcp_3287.jpg (65329 bytes) Dcp_3284.jpg (63277 bytes)
Dcp_3286.jpg (55057 bytes) Dcp_3282.jpg (64373 bytes) Dcp_6992.jpg (57882 bytes)
Dcp_3285.jpg (49265 bytes) Dcp_6988.jpg (23756 bytes) Dcp_3288.jpg (70300 bytes)
Dcp_6989.jpg (25677 bytes)


Dcp_6993.jpg (57024 bytes)

Dcp_6995.jpg (18846 bytes)

Dcp_6991.jpg (53997 bytes) To the right is a scouting mission.  This long hill as we remember was very long and steep, bordering a pretty long drop off on the left when coming down.  We decided to check it out before descending into the valley.  Here's a tip for the dim-witted:  It's a lot easier to walk down a long steep hill than to climb back up it. One--more--step.....all--most---up... Dcp_6994.jpg (54214 bytes)




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