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As we backtracked though the trails we came in on we hit each spot again.   Again, like last time Carl in his TJ hit the loose rocks for a thrill.  This time his wife, Lynn was along for the ride.  Have fun Lynn?


The image below to the right is a close-up of these rounded river rocks.

Dcp_3221.jpg (34457 bytes)

Dcp_3223.jpg (34240 bytes)

Dcp_3222.jpg (45744 bytes)

Dcp_3225.jpg (30152 bytes)

Dcp_3224.jpg (39288 bytes)

Dcp_3220.jpg (40598 bytes)

Dcp_3226.jpg (25339 bytes)

Another one way obstacle. The impossible side.  Carl demonstrates how the hole drops off about 4 feet at two levels, one where your rear wheels rest and the other where your from wheels rest.  The effect is like brief free fall into the mud.

Dcp_3227.jpg (25743 bytes) Dcp_3228.jpg (35157 bytes) Dcp_3229.jpg (33315 bytes) Dcp_3230.jpg (24758 bytes)
Family Fun in the TJ!

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