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When you're in a flood plane of the Delaware River, it's sometime hard to find Rocks to climb.  This small patch of Rock, named after it's fossiled appearance, can be a challenge and you can spend quite a bit of time having fun on the rocks.  Two lines can be run though this small patch.  Those who wanted to scale the rocks took on both sides, one at a time while everyone watched and helped when necessary.

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Hey! I know! Let get them to run their stock TJ across the rocks!  ...Actually they want to. It took a few good hits and needed assistance.
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There's a lesson here somewhere...
Alright, here's something you don't want to do.  Finding a strong log to use as leverage is sometimes a great way to get a vehicle unstuck or dislodged from a situation.  In the first attempt at freeing up the stock yellow TJ with the log, I was successful at leveraging the Jeep up and over a rock that had the running board hung up.  I however took it one step further.  In an attempt to give the stock Jeep's all-terrains more traction, I jammed the log under a spinning wheel.  Bad idea.  I forgot logs are round.  Round things roll.  It rolled.... under the wheel and into the air and SMACK!  Up against my head.  I was lucky though.  As a reaction to the flying log I had moved my head to the left and only caught a glancing blow to the jaw bone.  ....no blood....ok...No pain...ok, even better.  I guess I'm ok.  The jaw still works.  People aren't looking at me in horror.  Well then.... I won't do that again.  Matt's wife, Tara insisted I get a picture of myself and the log along with the story online.  Well, here it is Tara.  

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