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Located near the border of PA and New Jersey right on the banks of the Delaware River, Martian's Creek has many faces.  You want mud, you get mud.  You want tough hill climbs, you got those too.  Rocks your thing?  You better be armored below.  From the mild to the wild, this compact location of trails offers a lot that will satisfy everyone from the stock TJ to the highly modified FZJ80 Landcruiser.  We returned to Martian's Creek this weekend to a different animal than what we encountered before.  Last time our Sundown Krawl outing took us here, we were treading water to the tune of about an inch an hour of rain in this area.  We were all soaked to the bone.  Don't get us wrong, we had a great time regardless of the torrential downpours every hour or so making even the simplest of trails a challenge to navigate.  This weekend we were treated to bright sunshine and temperatures in the low 80's.  11 vehicles rolled into Martian's Creek to make a day of it.  We ranged from the stock TJ and XJ to the highly modified CJ-5 and a FZJ80 Landcruiser decked out with all the gadgets and doodads.  Also along for the ride was Chuck's 76' FJ40 Landcruiser locked and sitting on 36 Swampers to provide some excitement.

A Quick thanks to Mike from JeepFan.com who provided some great photos of the action.  Mike was also our trail guide for this OK Four Wheel Drive sponsored event.

Mike giving the V8 a workout.
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Don't worry Mike, the mud here is suppose to take years off your skin.

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As before we started with the first obstacle along the trail coming in.  Bath Tub as it's been dubbed has gotten progressively worse.  We didn't leave it in any better shape.  Chuck's Super Swampers Mud Tires did some serious damage to the far side bank making it a 4 four plus wall of mud.  Most of us gave it a shot including some stockers.  Mike in his 97 FZJ80 Landcruiser took on the impossible side of Bath Tub.  Mike I hope your rear hatch is water tight.


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