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Continuing along a windy path we come out to a small clearing where we encounter V!agra.  To continue along this same path you have to take the plunge.  Short, steep and a bit unnerving if you never been this way before.  Proper positioning is necessary before dropping off the end to avoid the large steel pipe embedding in the ground next to your departure ledge.  Your best bet is to put it in low and let it ride.


little more..little more...


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After V!agra, we continued along some tight, off camber trails.  Getting close to a tree is one thing but when an off camber hump in the trail wants to lean you towards the tree as you pass makes you a little uneasy... unless damaged sheet metal is your thing.

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Ahh...I think you just blew a tire...    It may not be immediately noticeable but at one time, this used to be a rock quarry.  With industrial mining comes metal.  In this case, a metal grate sticking out of the ground sort of on the side of an obstacle we were navigating over.  As this Cherokees right front tire was crawling over it caught the sharp edge and tore a nice long, dotted gash in the tire.  We had to back it off the hill and onto a poor excuse for flat land to change the tire.

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