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Pinnacle is not too photogenic.  It's tough to capture the essence of this trail but regardless of it's appearance, it's interesting and challenging none the less.  It snakes up the mountain though heavy underbrush and many hidden rocks and off camber situations where it finally reaches the summit, or Pinnacle in this case.

As we reached the top I hear someone ask if I had my chainsaw.  Of course not.  That's usually when you need it.  When you don't have it.  Someone had a hand saw so Mike and Carl hacked up the fallen tree and we continued down to the next obstacle "Log Flume".

Log Flume is another challenge.  Steep and long with loose rocks and boulders.  On top of it all, it was raining making it slick.  We watched a few of the first vehicles creep down and make the hard right about half way down while large rocks tumbled under the axles.  As you depart the Log Flume, you take a nice 10 foot drop out onto a main trail.  If you've ever tried to take a photo of a long steep decent from the top, you've noticed it never comes out right.  The perspective of the camera makes it look as though you are on flat ground.  So for that reason, there ain't no pictures of Log Flume.  Take my word though, it's a challenge.

Reaching the


Dcp_2732.jpg (37828 bytes)
Cutting the tree...

Dcp_2734.jpg (45032 bytes)
Hanging out...

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Dcp_2737.jpg (64567 bytes)

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A few hundred yards down from the exit to the Log Flume you can descend down again to the main trail where we backtrack towards Glenn's Trail or you can stay on the upper trail and head straight back into the woods where you'll find "Fossiled Rock".  Fossiled Rock is named after the large piece of mountain bedrock that juts out of the ground.  This rock is covered with marine fossils, again lending to the theory that this area was under the tides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Surrounding Fossiled Rock is a garden of boulders just the right size to scale your rig over from several approaches.  First to tackle "Fossiled Rock" was Mike from Jeepfan.com He chose his line and krawled up and over.  This is what his CJ-5 was built for.  With low gears, short wheelbase and air lockers front and rear he made it look easy.


Dcp_2742.jpg (29158 bytes)

Dcp_2740.jpg (48907 bytes)

Dcp_2743.jpg (32479 bytes)

Dcp_2741.jpg (29437 bytes)

Next to give Fossiled Rock a shot was Carl in his 99 TJ.  This Jeep deserves credit where credit is due.  Even without lockers Carl is able to tackle just about anything and come out on top.  Armed with a Rubicon Express lift and Super Swampers aired down to 15 psi (and still looking stout) Carl found the bite to scale over Fossiled Rock.  The lower-right pic shows how close his front fender came to clipping the tree. If not for the corner of the bumper catching, it would have bit it.

Dcp_2746.jpg (21757 bytes)

Dcp_2747.jpg (38526 bytes)

Dcp_2745.jpg (31270 bytes)

Dcp_2750.jpg (19750 bytes)

Dcp_2751.jpg (36834 bytes)

Dcp_2752.jpg (47398 bytes)

Dcp_2748.jpg (29476 bytes)

Dcp_2749.jpg (29574 bytes)

Dcp_2753.jpg (18295 bytes)

Glenn, taking a stab at Fossiled Rock, got bit.  Luckily for him his newly installed Sun Rocker Guard just paid for themselves.

Dcp_2758.jpg (25662 bytes)
Glenn looking for
the right line...

Dcp_2761.jpg (31283 bytes)
Dcp_2762.jpg (31303 bytes)

Dcp_2766.jpg (29459 bytes)

Dcp_2757.jpg (33289 bytes)

Dcp_2759.jpg (17452 bytes)

Dcp_2767.jpg (30832 bytes)
Dcp_2764.jpg (24887 bytes)

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