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Just as you might expect.  High centered.  This truck, however, couldn't simply be pushed off.  So a tow strap was hooked up spanning across the great divide and the truck (my truck) was pulled back off.  Not to be deterred, I mustered a little go juice and gave it some serious throttle.  I was told that the front tires had three feet of air as I crested the departing mound.  Below is the one shot that Jen got of it cresting.  It didn't land too hard.  Kind of easy actually.  Must have been the arch of the landing ramp.  Made it over though without any problem.  It was fun as hell.  Can't wait to try that again.

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Dcp_2694.jpg (19604 bytes)

The rest of the gang of 10, one by one navigated Glenn's trail... including Glenn seen to the right and below showing off his Terra-Low Dana 300/Fuel injected Chevy 350 combo.  Look Ma!  No Feet!   



Next obstacle.... River Rock Hill.  This bear of a hill has two approaches with a bypass.  Most attempted the left side that crests a little higher and sharper.  The key to this hill is momentum.  The rocks are like river rocks in that they are all rounded of various sizes and color.  In fact, this whole area was probably under a turbulent shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean a million or so years ago.  I remember reading something regarding the PA/Jersey border and it's geological history.  Anyway, once you crest this hill you bear to the left in an off camber manner to proceed down the north face.

Dcp_2704.jpg (24939 bytes)

Dcp_2705.jpg (42189 bytes)

Dcp_2707.jpg (44337 bytes)

Dcp_2698.jpg (70913 bytes)

Dcp_2701.jpg (27945 bytes)

Dcp_2702.jpg (34415 bytes)


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Dcp_2711.jpg (23628 bytes)

Dcp_2720.jpg (39282 bytes)

Dcp_2717.jpg (47932 bytes)

These three shots to the right were the only shots of my truck barreling up the left face of River Rock Hill.  The one in the middle is where Jen got the hell out of the way before I reached the top.  My camera was a little slower than Jen apparently.  Just picking on you, Jen.  You took some great shots with the Digital.  Thanks.

Dcp_2738.jpg (37014 bytes)

Next Up...
Pinnacle.  Reaching the top of Log Flume.

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Dcp_2723.jpg (3154 bytes)

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Dcp_2708.jpg (43723 bytes)

Dcp_2721.jpg (28797 bytes)
Smile everyone!

Dcp_2728.jpg (37379 bytes)

Dcp_2726.jpg (65418 bytes)

Dcp_2727.jpg (45654 bytes)




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