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On June 16 a group of 10 4x4's gathered at OK 4 Wheel Drive in New Jersey to gear up for a Saturday afternoon of wheeling on one of OK's organized Sundown Krawl trail rides.  About 250 mile to our south was the remnants of tropical storm Alison spinning a constant supply of moisture off of the Atlantic Ocean.  Our destination was an old, overgrown quarry that bordered the Delaware River.  The heavy rain wasn't about to stop this group from having a great time.  In fact, by all accounts, it only helped to enhance the trails with slick conditions, turning these trails into a whole new animal.  Some of the trails here are challenging to even the toughest of rigs and yet all of the obstacles have a bypass which makes these trails great for everyone. This report is structured a little different than previous reports in that thumbnail images are used which are linked to larger images that pop up in a new window.  Enjoy...

As we entered the trail area, we stopped briefly to air down and disconnect.  First stop along the way was a  serious mudhole called "Bth Tb".  This mudhole has two lines to choose from.  Extremely tough and impossible.  Mike from JeepFan.com took a shot at the impossible side and demonstrated why exactly it is.  After filling his tread with muck, he applied some heavy throttle on an approach to the left side of "Bth Tb" to attempt to lift the Jeep out of the almost vertical hole.

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Dcp_2605.jpg (46802 bytes)

Dcp_2603.jpg (31503 bytes)
Dcp_2604.jpg (46683 bytes) Dcp_2614.jpg (31299 bytes)

Checking it
out first...

Dcp_2607.jpg (19919 bytes) Dcp_2608.jpg (29077 bytes)

Trying another line.

Dcp_2602.jpg (29686 bytes)

Looking for traction..

Dcp_2610.jpg (29199 bytes) Dcp_2609.jpg (28691 bytes)

The tree wanted some fiberglass

Dcp_2611.jpg (30086 bytes)
Dcp_2612.jpg (34673 bytes)

Dcp_2613.jpg (40746 bytes)

Dcp_2615.jpg (31793 bytes)

Dcp_2616.jpg (31152 bytes)

Dcp_2617.jpg (26333 bytes) Dcp_2622.jpg (24730 bytes)

Dcp_2623.jpg (30708 bytes)

This Mud Hole is shaped like a tub.  For that reason it makes it more difficult for longer wheel bases to navigate.  My 92 Toyota extended cab truck had fun with this and yet made the climb out.  It did however suffered a little rear bumper damage (as usual...).  No problem though.  A few good kicks and the bumper is back in place and pushed down again.

Dcp_2618.jpg (30166 bytes)

Dcp_2621.jpg (29954 bytes)

Dcp_2662.jpg (24271 bytes)

Dcp_2661.jpg (25118 bytes)

Dcp_2679.jpg (31360 bytes)

Dcp_2619.jpg (25950 bytes)

Dcp_2625.jpg (31545 bytes)

Dcp_2624.jpg (34451 bytes)

Jeepfan take another shot at it.  Mud filled his tread and he had too low a reverse gear to throttle out of the hole.

Dcp_2626.jpg (29371 bytes) Dcp_2627.jpg (37995 bytes)
Dcp_2628.jpg (34737 bytes) Dcp_2631.jpg (33269 bytes) Dcp_2632.jpg (30350 bytes)
Dcp_2636.jpg (36067 bytes)
Dcp_2635.jpg (37933 bytes)

Dcp_2629.jpg (33891 bytes)

Dcp_2633.jpg (30005 bytes)

Dcp_2630.jpg (32859 bytes)

Another vehicle that suffered some damage was Mike in his black YJ.  For the most part his YJ was stock so in order to make up for that Mike used gratuitous amounts of throttle to get the job done. The large image to the right is where he crunched the running board against the tree.  The upper larger image is just after the front end came down from catching some serious air just as it was sucked into the rut.  The result was the front fender coming in contact with the upper tree at about a height of 5 feet up the tree and crunching the fender and reflector.  As everyone cringed he said, "Ah.  It's only parts."





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