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Continuing along a windy trail full of off-camber obstacles we came to something called "Vigra", named after it's vertical nature and sporting a pipe embedded in the ground on the right side of the approach.  Vigra can only be described as a short but steep log flume ride.  Once you commit to going over, there's no turning back.  You had to approach the drop off just right due to the large pipe embedded in the ground.  The last thing you want is to catch that pipe with a rear, right wheel on the way down.


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Dcp_2638.jpg (28249 bytes)


Dcp_2639.jpg (43059 bytes)

Dcp_2646.jpg (32390 bytes)


Jim in his Gold Cherokee going over...

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Dcp_2645.jpg (30851 bytes)
Watch that pipe...

Dcp_2650.jpg (26252 bytes)

Dcp_2647.jpg (43991 bytes)

Dcp_2648.jpg (47826 bytes)

Dcp_2652.jpg (43433 bytes)

Dcp_2651.jpg (31650 bytes)

Further down the trail was a section of skid plate scraping dirt and gravel mounds with a departing mound called "Kitchen Table" which then lead out to a sort of staging area that had a pretty spectacular sedimentary backdrop. 
Dcp_2654.jpg (30765 bytes)

Dcp_2653.jpg (40972 bytes)

Dcp_2649.jpg (36931 bytes)


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Dcp_2656.jpg (43322 bytes)
Mark's fully restored CJ-7

Dcp_2657.jpg (47959 bytes)

Dcp_2658.jpg (50282 bytes)

Dcp_2655.jpg (40494 bytes)

Dcp_2659.jpg (24894 bytes)

As we re-entered the trail coming away from the clearing Some of the off-camber sections were pretty slick.  We then walked ahead up to a section of trail that was another of those bowl shaped challenges to watch everyone take a shot at it.   Tom in his Red Cherokee had gotten high centered and needed a good push backwards off the opposing wall.  With another shot at it, he powered over it.  Everyone then proceeded the tackle "Glenn's Trail" named after the guy who said, "Hey, how about a trail through there?"   


Dcp_2664.jpg (23698 bytes)

Dcp_2663.jpg (21528 bytes)

Dcp_2641.jpg (27908 bytes)

Carl's TJ...

Dcp_2674.jpg (26800 bytes)

Dcp_2665.jpg (47833 bytes)
Tom high Centered...
Dcp_2666.jpg (45891 bytes)
A push back...
Dcp_2667.jpg (50054 bytes)
Hit it again...Hard
Dcp_2668.jpg (35062 bytes)
Lookin good Matt...
Dcp_2669.jpg (51617 bytes) Dcp_2670.jpg (33612 bytes) Dcp_2671.jpg (23488 bytes)
Mark cresting over...
Dcp_2672.jpg (39193 bytes)
Jared's V8 Powered YJ
Dcp_2673.jpg (41157 bytes)

Most of the day, it was pouring rain.  Yeah, we were muddy.  The camera wasn't too happy.  It was tough keeping it dry.  But having learned from a few weeks ago, I wisely brought an umbrella which I used occasionally during the picture shooting.  For the most part though I was soaked like everyone else.


Dcp_2676.jpg (43380 bytes) Dcp_2677.jpg (28320 bytes)

And how did a long wheelbased truck do on Glenn's Trail?  





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