Base Camp and Trail Run 2

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Ahh.. Hello?  While we had our suspicions, we were never sure about who owned the field at the top of the mountain where we have in the past come out at the trail's end.  We were greeted by a couple of shotgun toting gentelmen who while very friendly and understanding explained to us that the owner of the field my be a little less lenient unless we met with him.  Although today wouldn't be the day to ask permission to go a short distance around the field to exit the trail at a nearby public road because he wasn't there we will ask before going on the property in the future.   Most likely we will just make a u-turn and do Corkscrew in reverse next time which may be much more interesting.  This time was asked for an escort through the property and our hosts graciously took us past the farm to the road.  We then made out way back to base camp for a short breather before heading out to the second run of the day.


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Our second run out we decided to take a trip to the opossite side of the valley and down to the creek bed again further down stream.  This time we would take a connecting valley's north side up through a washed out trail, through some mud and to the pipeline for a great view of the valley.

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Carl's TJ having fun in the mud.

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Chris in his stock Rodeo getting a helping hand from Carl.



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