Out of the Mud and
    onto Corkscrew

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Now this shouldn't have happened.  Just a low dip in the ground at creek level. One vehicle already through the dip and Mike in his CJ-5 equipped with a fuel injected AMC 360, T-18, Dana 20 setup and locked front and rear got stuck... for the first time...ever.   The meaty 33" BFG's all working together couldn't extract the highly modified fiberglass 78 CJ.  A good yank from a Toyota Pickup got him out of the slop.  
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After coming up and out the of the valley we crossed a set of RR tracks, down an old branch of the tracks a short distance and up a short but steep channel to an old, weathered logging trail we call corkscrew, named after the way it wraps up and around the mountain to the top.  This great trail has some minor to moderate challenges from semi-hidden rocks in the over grown trail to steep windy trails that almost always require lockers to successfully assend.

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While we were about a 1/4 mile into Corkscrew we heard Steve, owner of the cabin, on the CB.  Semi unfamiliar with where we were Steve was able to catch up to the group in his stock YJ with the help of Stephen, his son who talked him towards us using landmarks along the way.



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