Through the Valley

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We rolled through the valley and along the creek bed, heading towards a rope bridge which Stephen scouted out last time down here in the valley.   The bridge at one time allowed people to walk across the creek without getting their feet wet.  What we found was a pretty dilapidated span of only a few remaining ropes.  It seen better days.  Instead of turning around to go back to the trail, which had been slightly re-arranged by a family of beavers and their beaver dam, we decided to scout out a clear route from the creeks flood plan up to what appeared to be a trail or at least a once was trail that would connect us back to our route up the other side.
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Whenever we're in these low areas around the creek bed we almost always find the soft stuff.  Once again as before a few good yanks with the tow strap would be required to get through this soft, stagant muck.

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Above is Carl's newest Jeep acquisition.  This completely stock 99 TJ did extremely well and even though it has stock tires and open differentials which says something about the Jeep TJ right out of the box.  During this weekend Carl was able to get through mud and climb hills that other stock 4x4's could not.  Above-right is an example the TJ's flexibility.  Even though the sway bars are still connected the suspension was not at it's maximum flexation.  This later probably had a lot to do with his ability to climb some of the hills that gave most stock 4x4's trouble including one that Carl taks credit for being the first in our group to make it up with the stock vehicle.

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