Clearfield Crawlin'

Saturday October 30, 2000 -  Another great weekend at the cabin.  Two full days of trails and exploring new trails yielded a huge amount of photos from everyone including a good amount of video of some of the better trails.  This trip we wanted to keep the momentum of each of the two days moving to take advantage of the great weather and to challenge the diversity of vehicles within the group.  Some of the group arrived Friday evening to get an eary start.  The rest rolled in Saturday morning right about the time the action got started.  Saturday kicked off with a great run into the valley towards the more challenging trails.


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Here we paused at what we call the tree stand, known by the hunters who come to the area for it's great view of the valley especially from a deer stand perched up in a tree just off to the left.  We then took a steep decent into the valley to run along the creek to the crossing point.

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