A Climb Up Corkscrew

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Now we're having fun.  As we wrapping around Corkscrew this stretch of old logging trail required a combination of good spotting, a good line and a slow pace to manuver around tree stumps, fallen logs and over a few skide plate grabbing rocks epecially for the stock vehicles.  While it's not Telico or Paragon it is great fun and semi challenging to navigate.  For the up coming assent to the top of the mountain we decided to stager the vehicles between the locked and unlock axles because of a few steep climbs ahead and nowhere to pass beyond this point.







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This was the most challenging part of this trail run for the most part.  This short steep climb has loose rocks mixed with a sandy dirt making it hard to get a good grip.   Momentum helped as well as a lucky line as the trail changed with every attempt.   Two vehicles surprisingly make it up without lockers.  First being Carl in his new TJ on it maiden voyage and Mike in his 98 Tacoma Pickup.  Both are well balanced vehicles much to their credit and with "all terrain" tires were able to make it up by keeping up the momentum and hitting the right line.

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Although Steve gave it a hell of a try with his stock YJ, in the end it didn't matter how well of a line he took or how many rocks he threw into the air trying it still took a good pull of the tow line to get it past the sticking point.  There was talk of better tires and a locker for the stock YJ come spring time. 


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