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4 Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

We followed a few trails we have not seen before.  They lead us along the valley, heading east and down stream.  The Quads scouted ahead in a few places to see where the trails lead as we hung back in a place where we could turn around easily.  We communicated what they found with 2-way radios.  Most of the length of this trail was bordered by the mountain side going up and a steep drop off on the down hill side.  We paused at a power line hanging around the entire valley.  Like big kids we we spent time throwing rocks, trying to nail a barrel down the mountain side.

mmmm. coffee...

Our return path took us back over the lower falls crossing.

Its fun to watch Quads cross creeks.

This newly discovered area of trails turned out to be a great destination for an afternoon trail run.  A few good places to stop along the way and some great scenery.






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