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Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

We Like this spot.  Apparently so do other people.  This beautiful, secluded location in the Valley of the Ferns is a well maintained swimming hole with a campfire pit and a small man made dam of rocks.  We hung out here a while skipping rocks and playing around.


A short drive down the old railroad tracks that run through the valley and  we get to our next location, a real dam on the creek.  When the creek is low we can cross just below the falls.  Once across we checked out the dam and took a few a pictures.  We found these weird holes in the tree and couldn't decide if they were manmade or bird made. If it was a woodpecker, it must have been one hell of a big pecker to drill these deep holes.

The falls were awesome.  The setting of the mountains, trees, ferns and Mountain Laurel surround the falls and made a great view.




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