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Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

Troubleshoot Lewis' YJ
Lewis' ride up in his recently acquired YJ equipped with a Chevy 350 V8 was not un-eventful.  Overheating problems and timing issues plagued the Jeeps first road trip up here into the mountains.  Once he did make it into camp Friday evening, a small crowd gathered around the bright red YJ and began diagnosing a few problems. 

One such problem was several melted vacuum lines that supplied vacuum to the front Dana 35 axle.  Without vacuum, he didn't have the ability to lock the front axle for that nice 4 wheel drive feeling. We soon had a direct connect setup for the Dana 35 axle using pieces of vacuum line, a few vacuum Ts and some electrical tape.

Another potential issue we saw that Lewis inherited with the Jeep purchase was the way the transmission was mounted to the frame using threaded pipe and booger welds.  Turns out it never gave him any issues and Lewis will soon have that corrected and skid plated.


Later that night we hung out around the camp fire and had a few beers and a few laughs.  Tomorrow was going to be a full day of wheeling and we were all looking forward to a good day out of the trails.   For June the temperatures dropped pretty low, into the mid 40's overnight.  Good sleeping weather. 

The next morning some of the group hit an Arby's breakfast buffet while the other half drove down to Perkins.

Saturday later in the morning we were back onto the trails. 





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