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Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

Then it happened.  The infamous YJ driveshaft straps let go on Lewis' Jeep YJ while climbing a hill.  We searched for the parts. The easiest of the parts to find was the drive shaft itself which easily came out of the back of the transfercase thanks to the slip yoke.  All the needle bearings were gone from the u-joint caps once we found those.  Luckily he had a working front axle.  With a pull up the hill, we had a quick way out of the valley which lead them back to town for parts.

That's a drive shaft on the winch...

With the YJ blocking the trail and we had to take an alternate route around, back up to the old railroad tracks.  Then we could pull him up.  John had to work his Toyota hard to get it up the narrow Quad tracks without clipping the stumps.  Not enough speed and he was hopping the Toyota Truck.  He's learning.

Oh what a feeling ... Toyota!

hooking up the tow strap

Once back to camp, Lewis got to work trying to extract the stud from a busted strap bolt left in the yoke.  He drilled it out and tried backing it out with a reverse extractor but that didn't work.  Eventually Steve got under there and managed to spin it out the back of the yoke while drilling it.  Meanwhile Paul was putting miles on his YJ hunting down a few needed bolts and a new u-joint.

With the help of the BFH and a couple of sockets, Mike and I replaced the u-joint.

When ya gotta go...

As Lewis and a few others worked on the YJ, the rest of the gang was relaxing and packing up the gear for tomorrow's trek home.

Later that night after the YJ was back together, Stephen broke out the fireworks.  Saturday night over the campfire and a full moon we were wrapping up another great weekend at our favorite 4 wheeling locations.  My Yellow 78 CJ-7 decided not to start when it came time to load it up onto the trailer so we had to winch it up.  Probably ignition related issues due to the offroad rally style driving we were doing prior to coming back to camp.  I saw it as shaking out a few more bugs.  I smell an HEI ignition system for the fall trip.  Lewis informed me that his Jeep is in the shop as I type this and those gremlins are soon to be a thing of the past and stories for future campfire discussions. 

I want to thank Lewis for the awesome print of my Jeep climbing out of the pit, which proudly hangs in the family room, replacing that poor excuse for a country scene painting thing that the wife hung there (shhh).  Lewis is a photographer by profession and is quite good at what he does, specializing in weddings.  He has an impressive studio in the Media PA area, near West Chester and Aston PA.  If you're in the area and need photography services or you're hunting for fine art, give them a call or visit their studio.

Lewis Rinaman Photography
6000 Pennell Road
Media, PA 19063
Phone: 610.459.4152

Until next time...




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