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The property that the cabin resides on is a large track of land. The back end of the property which is surrounded by state game land goes down into a small valley with a stream running though it.  Parallel to the stream is an access road which occasionally gets used for a short trip to the lower end of the property, sometimes for firewood, other times for fun.  This time, because the conditions were what the were we thought if we're going to play we might as well play close to home.  That way if someone gets stuck we are close to base camp. 
Circle the Wagons.
Cruiser Stuck on a  log ahead.I have to say that a Toyota Land Cruiser is a damn good vehicle to be fourwheeling offroad with.  It has a large high output engine which sends plenty of torque to it's all time four wheel drive system with fully locking front and rear differentials.   Over the weekend (as with every offroad trip) it was THE best performing 4x4 of the bunch.  In one instance I lost traction crawling up a hill and the next thing I see is this big black Land Cruiser go off the trail and around me up the hill.  The expression on the face of the guy driving the thing was one of "What's the problem??".  Just for that, Stephen, come spring I'm putting in a rear locker in my truck.  That being said let me just say it is a heavy vehicle. Probably 2 1/2 tons worth of steel and aluminum.   So when they can't dig themselves out with their fully locking front and rear differentials, you know something is holding this beast back.   In this case it was a 15 inch log downed across the trail.  We all hopped over it on the first pass.  The Land Cruiser suffered some minimal running board damage as it came down on the log (nothing to write home about).  On the return trip it's left front tire hopped over but then it seemed to be suspended on the front frame.  All FOUR tire digging holes.  Ok... no problem. 
Minor running board damage.
You don't see it to well in these pictures but there's a large log hidden under the ice and snow. In normal situations it would have presented no real obstacle to any of us, especially a Land Cruiser, but with the icy conditions it made it that much more difficult to gain any traction.
Get out the gear
First we tried pulling the Land Cruiser backwards off the log however the truck doing the pulling just slipped.  We thought about lining the vehicles up in a chain and pulling back.  That's not always a good choice in some situations so we decided to just work on the log.
Side Pull...
Shovel it...
First thing we tried to do is cut the excess of the log off on both sides.  A chain saw is always a nice piece of standard equipment.  You never know when it might come in handy.  We also dug the piled up snow away from the tires.  Then we tried pulling the front of the Land Cruiser towards the tree which would line the front wheels up closer to parallel with the log.  That got it to grab going forward but then it was still hung up underneath.  It probably could have extracted itself from this position but we thought at the time we could use some more firewood for the cabin that night. So we proceeded to hack it up and pull it out from under the vehicle.
Dig the log out...
Now What?
Using another piece of standard equipment, the High Lift Jack, we lifted the rear of the Land Cruiser and pulled pieces of the log out from the sides.
Pull it out.
Fire Wood...
As unforseen situations come up such as this one it just goes to demostrate that having the right recovery equipment is a must when you're out fourwheeling in remote areas.  Just about everyone on this trip encountered a sticky situation that required some assistance.  Most situations were taken care of with good push from some fellow fourwheelers or a quick yank of the 20,000 pound tow strap (too quick for a photo).   This situation just happened to stop us long enough to take some pictures.
Whew  ...  !
Free, free at last...
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