Plowing Thru the Snow


Our first trek through the snow made us realize how rough the conditions were.  It wasn't really the depth of the snow and ice, more the condition of the the snow and ice. 
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trek1-14.jpg (3622 bytes)As previously mentioned the weather leading up to this weekend was a mix of snow one day, rain the next, followed by a cold snap in several rounds over a few weeks.  What we had to contend with was two crusty layers of ice sandwiched in between several layers of snow.  At the bottom of all this was a layer of water probably from the previous weeks rain.  The effect of this was like what I guess an ice breaker in the northern Atlantic goes through trying to press forward.  We weren't breaking any speed limits this time.  If you throttled up too much that top layer if ice was spit out from under the wheel and piled up in from of the rear wheels slowing you even further.  If you began digging in you hit the watery mess under it all and the wheels would spin.


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