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After some discussion about how far to proceed we decided to go a little further down this particular trail.  It rode along the top of the mountain for a little while before going down into the valley ahead.
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As the lead vehicle (my Toyota Pickup) tried to climb a not-so-steep hill I lost traction and began to spin in the icy slush.  I realized how nice it would be to have a locker in the rear when Stephen in his Black Land Cruiser drove around me off the trail and up the hill.  Since most of the vehicles on this trip were not as equipped as this Land Cruiser with front and rear lockers we thought this seemed like a good place to just line them up and shoot a few pictures off.  That was after I got some assistance with a good push backwards out of the holes I dug. We spent a little bit of time here.  Talking and trying not to get stuck in the low area of slush and ice.


As you can see the trail was just a real mess.  Even though getting stuck is sometimes the fun part nobody really wanted to get stuck in this stuff. 
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See this little red button?


It was tough just trying to back up into this area which was relatively flat.
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